Hire a Professional to Eliminate Pests

One of the hazards of living in Arizona is dealing with common household pests. Many people discover that hiring a professional company to perform pest control Phoenix effectively handles the problem and is less expensive than taking care of the situation on their own.

Green Home Pest Control uses EcoSmart products containing botanical and organically derived ingredients. ecosmartOther companies that specialize in pest control Phoenix use pesticides made with harsh chemicals. These products are dangerous to people and animals. They also randomly spray large areas when applying their products. Green Home Pest Control applies their environmentally-safe products directly to the affected areas. The ingredients are safer, just as effective and less costly than toxic alternatives.

Homeowners and apartment dwellers benefit from using the services of a professional pest control company. Many pests like bed bugs are difficult to eliminate. Purchasing over-the-counter products can be expensive and generally do not solve the problem. In desperation, many residents resort to discarding and replacing their infested items. However, doing so will not remove the pests that remain in the home.

Bed bugs are small insects that are increasing in number all across the United States including Arizona. bedbugThey mostly appear in apartments, private homes, lodging and businesses. These tiny bugs hide in rugs, mattresses, box springs, head boards, baseboards picture frames, televisions and under appliances. They also are found in furniture like sofas, couches, love seats, chairs, nightstands and dressers. They even find crevices in walls and ceilings to hide. Their bites can be itchy like mosquito bites and may cause allergic reactions. It is also stressful and upsetting while dealing with infestation.

This pest has become a problem due to increased travel, purchasing and selling used furniture, and building a tolerance to the extermination products used. Bed bug extermination Phoenix from Green Home treats and contains bed bug problems in the early stages with proven methods.

The personnel of this company strive to give their customers a reliable and effective pest control experience. Each employee has had a background check and is drug free. They are state certified and receive on-going training to keep up-to-date on the latest green techniques of pest control Phoenix AZ. They perform thorough testing at the initial visit to determine the best course of action to implement. The extermination procedure occurs at the next visit, and a follow-up visit is made a few weeks later to check the status of the infestation.

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